GluShu SHUFILL Hoof Packing

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Lightweight hoof filler for shock absorption and protection. Mixed by hand. Available in 2×660 gr / 1.5 lb or 2×2.5 kg / 5.5 lb and durometers A15 (blue) – A25 (pink) – A35 (green). Specially for protecting inner hoof and solar surface. Easily mixable and shapeable by hand. Shufill Hoof packing is a non irritating product. Easy to cut which makes it applicable in many situations. Shufill Hoof Packing does not contain acids or chemicals and is therefor very suitable for wound treatment. Temperature and humidity might have effect on the performance of this product. Heating up Shufill hoof packing before use speeds up setting time significantly.

Extra Soft A15 blue = Extra Soft Silicone pad material mixed by hand

Soft A25 pink = Soft Silicone pad material mixed by hand

Medium A35 green = Medium Silicone pad material mixed by hand


(AKA Dental Impression)

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