GluShu SHUFILL Hoof Packing

GluShu SHUFILL Hoof Packing

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Silicone product to be mixed by hand ( 1/1 ) and comparable with Hoof life or Luwex A+B products. We offer this product in 2x1.5 lb (little jars) or 2x5.5 lb (big jars). Shufill Hoof packing is available in 3 shores and off course all shores are combinable.

A15 blue = filling

A25 pink = shock absorbing

A35 green = Support

This product can also be used for local support in combination with for example straight bar or heart bar shoes

Combining Shufill hoof packing with Shufill shock absorbers is also possible.

(AKA Dental Impression)

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