St. Croix Rim V-Creased (Pair)

St. Croix Rim V-Creased (Pair)

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St. Croix Rim V-Creased(Pair)

Size Pair Price 20 Pair Box 
$4.15 pr / $83.00 bx
1 $6.25
$4.40 pr / $88.00 bx
2 $6.60
$4.65 pr / $93.00 bx
Size Pair Price  10 Pair Box
3 $6.90
$4.85 pr / $48.50 bx


This St.Croix Rim shoe has a V crease from heel to heel with softened outer edges and a slightly rolled toe.  The V crease greatly improves nail-to-shoe contact for a more secure fit.  It is an excellent choice for traction, safety and durability.  Featuring a generic pattern, the shoe is easily shaped for a front or hind foot.  This shoe is punched for a CH5 nail.  

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