Londonderry Forge Tool Maintenance Kit

Londonderry Forge Tool Maintenance Kit

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The Complete Tool Maintenance Kit keeps you in control of a top class kit. Used on a daily basis it keeps your rasps "sharp and keen".  It is easy to assemble and may be installed in your workshop or van. The kit contains everything that you need to sharpen and maintain all of your shoeing and shoemaking tools:

  • Grey Compound 
  • Green Compound 
  • White Compound 
  • Sateen A150 
  • Coloured Cloth Mop 
  • 1/2" (1 section) Sisal Wheel
  • Calico Mop 
  • Pre-Sateened Wheel 
  • Set of cones (Pink, Ruby and Honing)

** Spiral Tapers & Grinder sold separately**

Londonderry Forge Supplies Ltd's best-selling Knife Sharpening and Tool Maintenance Kit is an excellent addition to any forge. Easy to install in workshop or van, and equally easy to use, it makes maintenance of knives, rasps, or shoeing and shoemaking tools easy, and efficient, extending tool life and improving precision.

There is no need to remove handles from tools before using, and the kit comes complete with all the polishing pads, buffers and sharpeners you need. maintaining tools takes seconds without any need for noxious chemicals. Once tried, you'll never want to work without it. 

Tool Maintenance Kit is shipping all over Europe to farriers who have realized great benefits of single, simple and efficient system for keeping tools in topnotch condition.

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